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Search Engines are essential for others to find your web site on the Internet. So how do Search Engines find you?

At SAHDIGITAL we offer a proven track record of successful Search Engine submissions and Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO secrets). We can fast track your web site's URL, description and keywords to over 500 Search Engines and Online Directories for quick results.

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There are more than 500 search engines, but only 10 are actually common. Those 10 handle 90% of the all Internet searches. They are Google (the leader), Bing, Yahoo,, AOL,, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo, WayBackMachine, Some of them overlap. For example, Yahoo has its own directory database, but it also uses Google's database.

How Do They Work?

Search engines have HUGE databases of information about billions and billions of web pages. How do they get this info? Each does it differently, Some wait until someone submits information about a web site, and then they use automated software known as "bots" or "crawlers" or "spiders". Bots go to web sites, study them and collect information about them. That info is then evaluated, the pages are categorized, ranked, and included in their databases (for recall).

Some engines actually have humans who review the sites submitted.
How are sites reviewed and then listed? Is your website bot friendly? Need more hits and visits?

Bots read the text on the site, especially "metatags" within the site. Metatags are not visible when viewed normally via web browser, but are visible to the bots. Bots read the invisible elements within the code. We can help your site get noticed !

For more information on how to get your site listed with Search Engines contact us today

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