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If you have a domain name you can customize your email addresses to match your unique domain. For example: at SAHDIGITAL, we have which is short for the word information. You could replace 'info' with your name or a different word such as "sales", "questions" or any other name or word of your choice

Types of Email Accounts:

Custom POP3 Email
POP3 is an actual mail box / "inbox" on a mail server with a mail quota/resource limit. Email sent to this type of account will be stored on the server. The owner of the email account then will be able to view / download their email by using an email client (software such as Outlook Express) or check their email by using a web service such as is a recommended tool for purging / deleting / removing old mail files off your mail server.

Email settings
Need more information on setting up your new email account on your mobile device or PC? [ click here ]

Email Forwarding
Email forwarding is domain based email without an actual inbox. You select what email address you want to have and where your messages will be sent. It is very simple, you don't change any of your current email settings, your forwarded email is automatically sent to your current EastLink, Bell, Yahoo, or Hotmail address / account. It is that easy and It is easy for your customers to remember because it is based on your website address and doesn't change even if your ISP does or you change your Hotmail address. Replies are however from your sending address.

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